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Extract data from any document with unprecedented accuracy regardless of format or image quality.

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Smart back office

Automate information extraction and document classification in your back office.


Minimize errors: increase the accuracy and reliability of your data


Forget the limitations of traditional solutions: manage any document format


No acquisition constraints: extract data even from low quality images

Our solution

myBiros is the most innovative artificial intelligence solution capable of extracting information from any type of document, in real time and with high precision.

Classify, extract and validate

Our APIs allow you to classify the document type and extract relevant information.

Through our intuitive UI, you will be able to validate the results and improve AI performance over time.

No code platform

Streamline a new back office process with our No Code Platform.

A few clicks and no technical support to create a new use case from scratch. Manage, implement and release the use case you need.

Flexible delivery

We offer API-based solutions customized to your needs.


Public Cloud


public Cloud

myBiros benefits

High Accuracy

myBiros guarantees high accuracy and allows you to automate processes related to the information extraction from documents

Reduce Costs

Manual data entry is high cost operation and data entry errors contribute to its increase. MyBiros allows you to reduce both

Save Time

Data entry takes time and energy: process many documents in a short time with myBiros

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