What is customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding is a fundamental part of the customer acquisition strategy. This term refers to all activities through which the company makes potential customers aware of its product or service. If carried out properly, customer onboarding helps to build trust in the customer and establish a loyal relationship.

What is customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding is the process by which a company introduces a new customer to its product or service. The main objective is to ensure that the customer understands how to use the product or service and feels comfortable using it.

Customer onboarding may include training, support, product configuration and other activities designed to help the customer get the most value from the product in question. Onboarding allows the customer to understand how the product or service can help them achieve their goals.

In order to realize an effective onboarding experience, you need to keep your customers highly engaged during the process. Giving them a reason to return to your website and buy is crucial. Otherwise, you risk losing possible customers to all the noise online, caused by digital marketing in all its forms.

For customer onboarding to be done properly, it should:

  • involve customers throughout the process;
  • make them happy and fulfilled;
  • guarantee them simplicity and speed throughout the process.

Digital onboarding

Digital onboarding is a digital version of the customer onboarding process. This process encompasses all the digital practices and tools that enable companies to acquire new customers by guiding them through the use of their products and services.

It uses digital technologies to introduce the customer to your product and service, instead of using traditional methods such as telephone, mail or physical point of sale. This can include creating video tutorials, providing online guides, setting up accounts and communicating via email or chat.

Digital onboarding enables companies to reach a wide range of customers worldwide and provide a customized and automated onboarding experience.

Digital onboarding first involves the provision of personal data by the potential customer and, if requested, some biometric information (a fingerprint or face scan). In this way, the individual is identified quickly, easily and securely.

How do you automate customer onboarding?

In order to automate customer onboarding, companies must adopt customer onboarding software. By doing so, the company can quickly acquire the data of all customers required at an early stage for identification. This allows for accurate data, securely captured.

The myBiros onboarding solution helps you to:

  • Classify and recognize any document required at the onboarding stage;
  • Extract information from any classified document;
  • Export data to any system and management system.

By automating digital onboarding, you improve customer satisfaction, giving them a fast and smooth experience.

Digital onboarding: the advantages

Compared to traditional onboarding processes that require customers to come to the office in person and undergo time-consuming tasks, digital onboarding sees several advantages:

  1. Streamlined administrative processes
    Digital onboarding digitizes the entire customer experience, saving time and costs spent on administrative and bureaucratic tasks for both the company and its back office, and the end customer.
  2. Enhancing the customer experience Digital onboarding makes it possible to automate much of the process, which means that customers can start using the product or service more quickly and without having to wait for a dedicated person to intervene. Digital onboarding enhances the customer experience and ensures customer engagement. The more user-friendly, efficient and fast a solution is, the more satisfied the customer is.
  3. Greater scalability
    Digital onboarding makes it possible to reach a wide range of customers worldwide. This allows companies to expand more easily and serve more customers.
  4. Reducing environmental impact
    Traditional customer onboarding requires a lot of paper. Digital onboarding, on the other hand, digitizes every smallest step of the process. Documentation is fully digitized and paper waste is greatly reduced.


Today, digital onboarding represents a key point in customer acquisition strategy. In general, digital onboarding enables a smoother and more personalized customer experience, improving customer satisfaction and increasing retention.

The myBiros solution allows you to streamline customer onboarding, speeding up and improving the entire document process.

Want to know more about myBiros easy onboarding? Contact us, we will be happy to show you how our software can reduce repetitive and administrative tasks that steal time from your back office, ensuring customer satisfaction and enabling a seamless customer experience.