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Start using myBiros API, combine the power of artificial intelligence with human validation and achieve unprecedented accuracy.

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Classify your documents with AI

Eliminate manual work to classify documents.

Save time by reducing the need to pre-process and sort your incoming documents.

Extract information of interest

Transform your documents into structured data.

Accelerate processes and reduce processing costs thanks to the AI of myBiros.

How does it work

Our APIs accept documents and images of documents as input without any acquisition constraints. The AI processes the documents and identifies the key information or the class of the document based on the type of service chosen.

Our catalogue

Identity documents

Are you ready? We have ready-to-use solutions for all identity documents:

Driving license

Identity card


Health card

Other documents

We have other categories of documents ready-to-use:



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Missing something?

Do you want to extract information from documents that are not yet in our API catalog? Are you interested in fields that are not currently being extracted by our API?

Do you want to create your API?

We are releasing a No Code Platform that allows you to create a new use case from scratch in just a few clicks and no technical support.


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