Driver license OCR

Optimize document processes with a solution that automatically extracts key information from driver license.

Achieve unprecedented accuracy by eliminating 90% of repetitive tasks with artificial intelligence

Gratis, no credit card required

Upload documents

Import documents in any format (PDF, JPEG, PNG,…) from your computer.

Review and approve

myBiros automatically classifies and extracts data from driver license. Just take care of validating the results.

Export data

Export the captured information as JSON or CSV files or integrate the API into your workflows.

Supported fields

Driver license OCR can be trained to identify and extract any field or element on the driver license.

Here is the key information that myBiros extracts by default:

Name Surname Id number Issue date Expire date Birth date Birth place Address Residence Driver license type Authority issue

Why use it?

Process driver license quickly and securely. Reduce time, costs and prevent manual input errors by overcoming the limitations of traditional template-based solutions.


myBiros creates customised OCR with the possibility of adding new fields

No constraints

Interprets handwritten, low-quality, noisy and distorted images

Continuous learning

myBiros constantly learns over time through user feedback

Quick set-up

No templates, no rules: quick and easy set-up for any document

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