Companies still do manual data entry

Data entry

As a large part of back office operations, data entry is a fundamental activity for any company. Nowadays, the process can be automated with modern technologies that eliminate the repetitive task of manually entering data.

What Does Data Entry Mean?

A data entry activity is carried out by an individual through the use of a keyboard on an electronic device. Wikipedia provides a more detailed definition: “In computer science, data entry is the entry of data into a computer or a generic computer system”.

The process is still done manually in most companies. A worker copies one by one the data reported on the document. This operation creates several problems for the company:

  1. Time: manual data entry consumes a lot of time that could be spent on less alienating and repetitive activities; 
  2. Errors: incorrectly entered data can cause negative results for a company. In addition, human errors are difficult to identify and are a source of further wasted time;
  3. Costs: time, errors, resources and volumes of data to manage are elements that combine to make this activity expensive;
  4. Employee experience: manual data entry is an alienating and laborious activity for the employee. The repetitiveness of this operation causes considerable stress for the employee and makes work less stimulating.

Despite all these problems, companies still do manual data entry. They could use technologies that automatically extract data from documents through Artificial Intelligence.


As anticipated, the reported problems can be easily solved through the use of technologies that have the purpose of automating the data extraction through Artificial Intelligence techniques.


myBiros uses innovative Deep Learning techniques that allow you to automatically extract all data and information from a document. The document can be either printed or handwritten. myBiros applies to structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents.

Our technology differs from traditional OCR solutions in terms of accuracy, flexibility and robustness, in fact myBiros:

  1. Recognizes document text from which information needs to be extracted;
  2. Understands and extracts the fields of interest.

Without the right approach and tools, data extraction can be expensive. For this reason, myBiros aims to simplify this process. Using our technology, your company will be able to:

  • Reduce costs created by manual data entry;
  • Free up resources, limiting their intervention to data control;
  • Avoiding errors caused by repetitive work.

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