Benefits of automating manual document processes

What exactly is the automation of business processes?

Business process automation means the use of advanced technologies to automate repetitive activities associated with processes and workflow. All this while improving efficiency, reducing costs and increasing staff and customer satisfaction.

Process automation seems to be a new business approach, but it is not. Already with the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century, the factory saw the integration of automatic processes to improve productivity. But only in the 2000s, with the power of IT, process automation begin to take hold, becoming an integral part of modern companies thanks to increasingly accessible tools.

Process automation is one of the best strategies for any organization in order to save time and costs. What needs human intervention is delegated to the software so that resources can be free from operational tasks by dedicating themselves to actions with greater added value. The interesting result is that the entire workforce will be more productive and efficient.

Within the processes that affect a company, there are a series of repetitive tasks that concern the document field: data input, taking charge and management of documents. This article lists the main advantages deriving from the automation of document-related processes. Let’s see them together.


  • Save time and money
  • Reduction of errors and better data quality
  • More productive and happier employees
  • Leaner, faster and more efficient processes
  • Improved compliance and data security

Save time and money

The key objective for any company is to be able to reduce costs. Intelligent document processing solutions can help companies save time and costs by automating entire workflows.

Utilizzare una tecnologia che riduce i tempi e i costi operativi è un approccio efficace per realizzare redditività. Pertanto, attraverso Using technology that reduces operational time and costs is an effective approach to realizing profitability. Therefore, through the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), companies are able to reduce the time required to process documents and also the related labor costs. By adopting an intelligent document processing solution, company resources complete numerous tasks quickly and in a short time.

Error reduction and better data quality

Manual processing of documents causes incorrect data: this is the most common error when entering data into the system from documents. This is especially true when trying to insert large volumes of data quickly. An unintentional error leads to incorrect and disorganized information, causing a series of harmful consequences for a company.

The use of intelligent document processing solutions eliminate the need for manual work and data entry, while also managing any errors. All of this can greatly reduce the risk of human error, resulting in more accurate and quality data.

More productive, happier employees

Processing documents by hand involves repetitive and alienating work on the part of company resources. This causes a slowdown in work flows as well as an unfulfilling working life for the worker.

The automation of manual document processes can help organizations increase productivity and reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. Removing boring tasks in favor of more meaningful tasks encourages creativity and promotes a happier work environment. In addition, customers will be more satisfied with the final product and service as they will get more accurate and consistent data.

Leaner, faster and more efficient processes

Every company would like to operate in the leanest and most efficient way possible, improving performance in terms of times and results. The management of large amounts of documents causes overload of work for the resources in the company, so much so as to slow down the processes making them inefficient.

This is where intelligent document processing comes in as it speeds up business processes and makes performance optimal in terms of time, cost and result. Solutions like these make processes more efficient and create a seamless workflow.

Improved compliance and data security

As we said earlier, IDP’s solutions are able to automate activities and reduce the risks deriving from human error. This means that such technologies can also help businesses become more compliant. Compliance is an important point for every company nowadays, as people are increasingly concerned about the security of their data and how they are used.

Intelligent document processing improves the security of processed data, reducing the possibility of human error and allowing better traceability and document management.


From the point of view of reliability, productivity, performance and time and cost reduction, the adoption of intelligent document processing technology is the best choice a company can make.

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